Another Cap Touch Scrollwheel (and Slider)

I saw in a document from Atmel where they had different designs for capacitive touch sensors.  The Scrollwheel looked very interesting as it should be able to not only indicate where someone is touching in respect to how many degrees around the circle but also how far from the center the touch is.  This is achieved by how the 3 segments are spliced together to form the circle.  I think the etched results looked really cool and the initial testing indicated that the position information being sensed looked very promising.  The next step is to get a nice library put togehter to make use of these sensors.

Heres the back and front of the etched and tinned board.

Here is the board with the mask applied:



Here is is with the components soldered on.  Theres a ESP07 and a MPR121 breakout.  The MPR121 I sanded the header pin holes enough so that I could solder the module flush with the PCB.   The poor ESP module got scorched a bit too because I soldered it the wrong way around and had to desolder it :)