ALIX 2D13 Router LCD
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ALIX 2D13 from PC Engines are boards I have used for numerous years and have had nothing but good experiences with them.  Typically I used Voyage Linux and OpenWRT on them.  Recently I was thinking about a guest access point I needed to deploy and thought it would be nice to just display the Wifi credentials on the router itself with a LCD.

For this project I loaded OpenWRT on to a CF card and decided to use the internal serial header to keep things really simple.  I've used the I2C header before when using Voyage Linux but figured serial would be nice and easy as far as the software side of things in OpenWRT.

ALIX 2D13:

The project consisted of a Winstar 16x2 LCD (WH1602B-CFH-JT#).  A nice thing about these modules is there are resistors built in for the color LED's.  NOTE: these are positive anode.  There is also an ATMEGA328P, MCP23017 port expander, MC74HC14 schmitt trigger, BSS138 MOSFETs for level shifting, a switch and a few miscellaneous caps and resistors.


Top copper:

Bottom copper:

Next page has an assortment of images taken during the making of the circuit board (etching, tinning, solder mask).

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