RFID Door Access V2.0
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I made this RFID door system over a year ago and it has performed flawlessly for over a year and still going.  It was the first time I made one of those things so now it's time to improve it a bit.  The improvements are mostly to do with the PCB I made to mount the Pi 3 on and the dual relay module and nice pluggable terminal blocks.

The components are pretty much a Raspberry Pi 3, cheap Chinese relay module, 2 Wiegand card readers and a PCB I made to mount things on.

Wiegand Card Reader

Cheap Relay Module

This is how they look new.  I needed to modify it by removing the screw terminals and replacing them with regular header pins that protruded from the bottom of the module.  Also needed to make the GND, IN1, IN2, VCC pins protrude from the bottom also.  This is so it can be mounted to the PCB I made for  the project.



Raspberry Pi 3









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