ESP12E Module Breakout ( ESP8266 )

Back when I first started playing with esp8266 stuff it quickly became a hassle to breadboard the necessary components to get one of these working.  This was typically just a couple pullup resistors and then a couple switches to make loading and resetting less cumbersome (also a 3.3 volt regulator if you wanted things to be clean).

So I needed to make a breakout that encapsulated that stuff and then simply exposed all the pins from the module.  Some time later I discovered the NodeMCU series of boards that came in very handy for quickly prototyping and testing.  This breakout I made however still comes in handy when I dont want all the extra baggage that a NodeMCU board brings to the table.

Heres the simple schematic.

Top copper

Bottom copper

Here are a couple pictures of the finished board.  The etching was a bit aggressive so there's a bit of wire soldered on to bridge some trace and a bit of burning where i did some repair to some trace.  It works fine so thats the main thing! :)