Remote Control Power Hub

I saw this guy had made this thing a little while ago so I thought I'd do a similar thing that integrates into my home automation system using an ESP8266.

So looking around online there was a few of these type of hubs available so I bought one of these as the basis of the project:

First thing to make was the controller board.  This board was basically just a breakout for an ESP12E that incorporated a 3.3v regulator aswell since it's going to be powered by a 5V cellphone charger.

Front of board:

Back of board:

The project has one of these very common dual relay boards available from all over the internet from China.  These things are less than $1.

Here's the 3 way hub after the original stuff was removed from it and after I glued in some posts to mount my controller board and the relay board to.

Here it is after the controller and relay boards are in place.  The only other thing that went into it was a small cellphone charger to power the controller and relay board.  I just used some hookup wire to connect up the header pins on the boards.  I'll actually do some more robust wiring in a later version when I actually intend to use this thing.

And that's it.  2 of the outlets are controlled via my home automation system and one of the outlets is always hot.