3d Printed Moon Lamp With Base and ESP8266
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I saw some 3d printed moons online one day so decided to make one.  I looked at a few on Thingiverse and ended up printing this one first:

Glowing Moon by Brandonzhun

It turned out pretty well.  After it printed I made a base for it and also designed a simple circuit for illuminating it.

This was given as a gift to someone that finished a lot of studies.  Hope they like it!

I actually made two versions for illumination.  One consisted of 3 white LEDs with the brightness controlled by PWM.  The other incorporated 3 LEDs with WS2811 drivers that turned out to be much brighter and also could illuminate in any color.

Heres the first schematic with the 3 PWM controlled LEDs (click to see PDF):

Heres the second schematic with the 3 WS2811 LEDs (click to see PDF):

Note that in the schematic the part for the ESP-12 has GPIO 4 and GPIO 5 reversed.  So where I am using GPIO 4 to send data to the WS2811 LEDs it is in fact GPIO 5 !






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