Nixie Clock
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Over the years my girlfriend has handmade me some awesome and wonderful birthday cards.  Wanting to make a Nixie Clock and also wanting to handmake her something that (I think) is nice converges nicely in this project!

Hopefully it looks good and is put to good use!  :)


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First comes the schamatics for this thing.  It's in 2 parts.  The first being for a PCB with all the circuitry etc. to make it run and drive the tubes the other board is for the tubes themselves (and sockets).


SCHEMATIC FOR MAIN BOARD (click for PDF version):

The part of this schematic that does the 12V up to the 180V necessary for the nixie tubes is from a schematic I copied from a module that i bought but didn't put together.  So I just redrew that circuit into my schematic.  It works quite well (link here).  The rest is pretty straight forward : microcontroller, some power regulating, tube drivers, buttons, potentiometers, some backlight leds for the tubes, real time clock, bluetooth and a few other bits and pieces.


SCHEMATIC FOR TUBE BOARD (click for PDF version):









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